#InjusticeExposed – The criminalisation of trans & gender diverse people globally

17 minutes

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Listen to a podcast from the 2019 launch of our ground-breaking report #InjusticeExposed.

The report is the first of its kind, an in-depth analysis of the history, extent and nature of laws that criminalise trans and gender diverse people across the world. Hear activists discuss ways in which laws are used - and misused - to discriminate against trans and gender diverse people. Listen to their powerful calls for urgent legal reform to better protect trans peoples' rights.

The event was chaired by E-J Scott, a fashion historian and curator of the Museum of Transology, who champions 'the importance of fighting for a world where people can live freely and express themselves without fear of criminalisation, discrimination and violence.' With an introduction by our Chief Executive and a presentation of the report's findings by Jonathon Egerton-Peters from our legal panel firm Skadden, the podcast features Tamara Adrian, a professor of law and lawmaker at the National Assembly of Venezuela and Zhan Chiam, Deputy Director of Transgender Europe (formerly of ILGA World). Both activists were part of the working group advising the Trust on the report.