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Mauritius: Toppling two centuries of state-sanctioned stigma against LGBT people

Watch a film about Ryan Ah Seek's historic legal victory which toppled 186 years of state-sanctioned stigma against LGBT people.


LGBT people & the law

There are 63 jurisdictions around the world that still criminalise private, same-sex, consensual sexual activity. Almost of these are Commonwealth countries.

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  • 28 out of 56 Commonwealth jurisdictions criminalise consensual same-sex intimacy, with sentences ranging from two years in prison to the death penalty.
  • 9 jurisdictions worldwide maintain discriminatory age of consent laws between opposite-sex and same-sex acts.
  • In at least 26 countries, authorities use public order, vagrancy and misdemeanour offences to harass, arrest and prosecute transgender people. Blackmail, extortion, and physical and sexual violence is commonplace.
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Sri Lanka

Rosanna Flamer-Caldera, Equal Ground

'In the past few years we’ve worked with the Human Dignity Trust which has been an amazing experience for me personally, as well as a huge boost to our LGBT activism in Sri Lanka. They’ve gone out of their way, and their expertise has been invaluable'


Njeri Gateru, National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission

'Going to court meant finally being able to present our truths to a state body, to say this is who we are, but that doesn’t mean that you get to kill us, that because we love differently it doesn’t mean that you get to abuse us on a daily basis, or that lesbian women should get raped'


Caleb Orozco, United Belize Advocacy Movement

'The Human Dignity Trust has worked with us to push the boundaries of legal argument, and has allowed us to expand our expectations beyond belief and stretch the possibility of advancing the socio-economic and civil rights of LGBT people. To that end, the Trust has enabled our expectations and given life to what we desire most as people seeking a better quality of life'

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63 countries criminalise LGBT people. Help us bring that number down.


Key Publications

From Rulings to Reality: Jamaica Must Repeal Homophobic Laws

A new report from the Human Dignity Trust says violence and discrimination against LGBT Jamaicans is ongoing and acute, calls for urgent reform of criminalising laws.

Mauritius decriminalisation judgment

This Case Digest summarises the 2023 Mauritian Supreme Court decision finding a law that criminalised same-sex intimacy between men is unconstitutional.

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