Trailer: A Better Place

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A Better Place is an in depth look at the toxic legacy of British colonial-era laws, which criminalise consensual same-sex love, while at the same time allowing perpetrators of sexual violence to go unpunished. Meet the LGBT people whose love is criminalised; who face the daily struggle of state-sanctioned hatred. Meet the women who endure sexual violence in their homes, with no recourse to justice. And meet the global network of activists, lawyers and legislators striving for equality and justice for everyone.

Together, these courageous survivors and reformers are working to eradicate these laws, which blight the lives of millions. By unshackling our societies from the devastating relics of colonialism, this inspiring network of change-makers is forging a path to an equal, just and happier world.

Made by The Good Side, our multi award-winning (52 festival laurels and counting...) film will shortly be available for download on Amazon. Watch this space for more details.