Criminalising Homosexuality is a Breach
of Human Rights

As of 2014, over 80 jurisdictions – including about 80% of the 53 Commonwealth countries – have laws criminalising private, consensual sexual conduct between adults of the same sex, making the expression of their identity illegal and punishable by imprisonment or even death.

Criminalising someone on the basis of their identity – whether that is gender, ethnic or sexual identity – is a breach of human rights.

Legal cases supported by the Human Dignity Trust 

The Human Dignity Trust provides technical legal support in court cases around the world, where local litigants are seeking to challenge laws that criminalise – or impose other administrative penalties based on - sexual identity.

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Briefings on recently passed anti-homosexuality legislation in Uganda and Nigeria

Uganda On 24 February 2014, President Yoweri Museveni signed his assent to the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2014.

Nigeria On 7 January 2014, President Jonathan Goodluck signed his assent to the Same-Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act. 

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