Seychelles Parliament passes bill to decriminalise homosexuality

We offer heartfelt congratulations to activists, legislators and government in Seychelles. Their commitment to ensuring that the rights of the LGBT community in their country are no longer sacrificed for the sake of outdated and persecutory laws means that the number of countries criminalising same-sex relations will soon go down to 77. Although this figure tells us that there is still work to be done in many jurisdictions, we nonetheless celebrate every hard-won gain towards human rights for all. Click here for more information

Human Dignity Trust releases powerful report: Breaking the Silence: Criminalisation of Lesbian and Bisexual Women and its Impacts

One in four countries worldwide criminalise consensual same-sex conduct between women, and ten countries have extended their laws to criminalise lesbian and bisexual women during the past thirty years. Read more here. 

Criminalising Homosexuality: Irreconcilable with Good Governance

Our series of notes highlight how crucial decriminalisation is for states to prosper and uphold their core democratic principles. They demonstrate the variety of lenses through which criminalisation's damaging effects can be seen, from exacerbating HIV to harming businesses to undermining the rule of law.

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