H.Ç. v. Turkey, Application no. 6428/12

Decision of the European Court of Human Rights to discontinue the case of Mr H. Ç., following the decriminalisation of same-sex activity by the Parliament of Northern Cyprus.

In 2012, Mr H. Ç., a gay man and citizen of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, sought to have the provisions criminalising same-sex activity in Northern Cyprus repealed by filing a case at the European Court of Human Rights with the support of the Human Dignity Trust. The applicant complained that the criminalising provisions constituted as an interference with his right to human dignity (Article 3), to private and family life (Article 8) and to non-discrimination (Article 14) under the European Convention on Human Rights.

While awaiting directions from the Court in respect of the hearing, the Northern Cyprus Parliament- prompted in part by this litigation- repealed the offending provisions on 27 January 2014. The Presidential assent was given on 6 February 2014 and the gazetting took place on 7 February 2014.

The Human Dignity Trust submitted a letter to the Court on 1 April 2014 seeking to have the case discontinued. On 3 June 2014 the Court decided to strike the case from its list, thereby formally ending the legal proceedings at the European Court of Human Rights.

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