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Meets Criteria:




No evidence


Multiple jurisdictions

This research is intended primarily for use by government officials interested in reforming their country’s sexual offence laws, law reform commissioners and experts, and activists, academics and advocates seeking reform in their country or region. Those working on sexual offences law reform in their country can use this research as a starting point in the law reform process.

The tool is divided into five parts.

In many places across the tool, data is viewable either as an infographic or as a table. These different views are accessible by using the button on the left of the screen.

Across the research ratings are used to illustrate at a glance which aspects of a country’s sexual offences laws meet the good practice standards and which ones fall short of those standards. Where necessary for clarification, short explanations are included. The assessments use the following designations:

The law meets the indicator. An explanation may be provided.
The law partly meets the indicator. An explanation is provided.
The law does not meet the indicator. An explanation may be provided.
No evidence. There was insufficient information available to assess the law against the criteria.
Assessment not applicable in this jurisdiction
Multiple jurisdictions. Where a country has multiple jurisdictions, which have been assessed separately and which perform differently against the selected indicator. A full assessment can be accessed at the state level.

More detailed comments and explanations regarding the reasoning for a particular rating are available throughout the tool, either by clicking on the rating in infographic views or on the Details drop down in table views.


The research uses a number of terms with the following meanings.

This research and the information it contains is provided for general informational purposes only. It has been prepared as a work of comparative legal research only and does not represent legal advice in respect of the laws of the jurisdictions of the member countries of the Commonwealth. It does not purport to be complete or to apply to any particular factual or legal circumstances. It does not constitute, and must not be relied or acted upon as, legal advice.

Every effort has been made to reflect accurately each country’s laws based on legislation that was publicly available online or provided to the authors at the time of publishing and, wherever possible, advice from legal experts in the countries covered in this report.

Please report any errors to the Human Dignity Trust at: [email protected].

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